Siterobot the Winnovator

Siterobot is a platform where website and domain traders come together for trade safely.

If you need to sell your website or domain, to buy a website or domain. This is right place for your purpose.

Platform and marketplace

As Siterobot get people together, it is platform, also it is a virtual market as all users can trade mutual.

It is purposed to provide buyers and sellers to get action basing on free market rules for the creation of some kind of barometer showing real prices of the website market.

User accounts

The first step for buying or selling in Siterobot is creating an account by using sign up link up. Thus you will be Siterobot User. When you sign up you will be expected to give personal information, and to do a phone and an email confirmation. Why we need such information and confirmation is providing you the safety and quality of Siterobot.


Siterobot’s business model bases on the listings that is opened by sellers. This listings last for a while that changes on the listing type. There are two types of listing for websites and domains, Public auctions, private sales. Buyers bid or offers the listings according to its type in a competition. At the end of the competition the sale process end with or without success.

Siterobot escrow

After the succeeded sale process buyer and seller complete Siterobot which includes the change of the sale total ownership rights of website.

Buyers and sellers use their own Siterobot user accounts for all Siterobot transactions. Users may follow all records and balance in this account. This account can be deposited at by the user at anytime. They also can receive payment from another user against sales by using Siterobot escrow account.

Billing and invoices

Siterobot service fees will be invoiced to the user at the listing process. Users complete the payment from Siterobot user account for invoice payments.

Please dont hesitate to contact with Siterobot Support for your questions.

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